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Enjoying Job Performance

What can executives contribute so that employees no longer experience work as drudgery but as enjoyable? How can enjoyment in performance be promoted? What does the workplace look like that generates joy in job performance?

Behavioral biology provides answers to these questions, which cannot be found in any other management or leadership approach: Joy comes from drives. Joy in performance results from:

Flow, or the joy inherent in the curiosity drive as a means of combating routine work and insecurity. Accepting challenges and losing one´s self in activity.

Recognition, or the joy in our aggressive drive as a means of combating frustration and "go-slow" attitudes toward work. Recognizing good job performance, celebrating victories.

Belonging, or the joy in our bonding drive as a means of combating distrust and attrition. Taking joint action, experiencing community.

Management means: Utilizing the drive potential in the working world. This is not fashionable; it´s a law of nature.

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